About Me…

Married to a metal-head, mother to a now-grown princess & two young wild boys, grandma to beautiful twincess girlies, & adoptive mom to a pup & a kitty.

I am lover of Jesus, kiddos, coffee, cooking, reading, homeschooling & photography. I am a wanna-be homesteader, hobby farmer, soap-maker, quilter, seamstress & canner extraordinaire. By wanna-be, I mean not at all, but hopeful that these things are in my future!

I am an independent consultant for a Thirty-One Gifts, Lilla Rose, & Barefoot Books, as well as the owner of oonaclicks— where I do a little photography for hire on the side.

I started blogging to share stories about my crazy (really crazy) kids, my cooking & my photography. Three blogs were two blogs too many. I stopped blogging. There was a disconnect not having all of me in one place. I am not one facet of my personality or my interests.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a grandmother. I am an accomplished cook, a wanna-be homesteader, a homeschooler, a growing photographer, an avid reader, a political activist, an autism advocate, a business owner. I am not any one thing & I wanted my blog to reflect that.

I am just finding my niche in life. Embracing all of my facets. I hope you will join me for the journey. ♥


♥ Oona Lee




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