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That really sticks in my craw!


I love old sayings. I come from the south and there are lots of them there. “That really sticks in my craw!” I love this saying. I say it a lot. People look at me like I am insane {which is a little bit true}. “That really sticks in my craw!” No one knows what this means. Well, most people do not know what it means. If you’re one of them… no more! Today you are going to find out.

A craw is the throat of a bird. See the little sand piper up there? I lived in Florida until I was 9 and this saying makes me think of a sandpiper or a crane. Literally speaking, it would mean that something sticks in your throat. To expand a bit, it means that something is hard to swallow. Something sticking in your craw would mean that it irritated, annoyed or just plain hurt your feelings. It was hard to swallow.

“When my neighbor pops over and says ‘you’re a stay at home mom, right? what do you do all day?’  it really sticks in my craw.” {My neighbor has never done this, I have awesome neighbors, but I needed an example and that would stick in my craw!}

Leave me a comment below and let me know: Have you ever heard this saying? Have you ever used this saying? What are some things that stick in your craw?


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