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Some changes here & another clean creamer recipe!

Change is in the air… It’s autumn, the perfect time to revamp my blogging schedule as we have settled in to the school year. I will now be blogging according to a rotating theme. You can see exactly what I will be blogging about and when, here

Since today is Menu Monday, I am sharing another recipe for clean creamer. Even though dairy is not paleo, I like to use a little in my coffee, but I don’t want to get near the chemical hybrids that pass for creamer in the grocery aisles. This is a very simple recipe for clean vanilla-maple creamer. {You can find my recipe for clean pumpkin spice creamer here}

Try it out. Leave me a comment, let me know how you like it.  And stop back tomorrow for Teach Me Tuesday!

Vanilla Maple Cream


3 thoughts on “Some changes here & another clean creamer recipe!

    1. It would work fine with non-dairy, but you might want to try coconut cream as it will result in a little thicker consistency than straight almond milk. {Almond milk still tastes great though!}
      Thanks for stopping by!

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