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Review: Life Of Fred – Apples {Math Curriculum}

We started using two new math programs for school this year. I was not totally happy with the curriculum that we used last year. Nothing really wrong with it, just not a good fit for us as it was a lot of busy work and workbook pages. Since both of my boys do well with hands-on activities, I decided to purchase Math U See. {A really great program and we like it a lot}. Because one of my boys really likes math and seems to be pretty good at it, I was looking for additional math activities that he could do with the rest of his work. I had recently heard about Life of Fred and how much a friend’s child loved it. Some people recommend it as a supplemental curriculum, so I decided to add it in addition to the Math U See. The website says it is a stand alone curriculum, not a supplement and I would agree that it would be fine as a stand alone curriculum. 


Life of Fred is not like any math book you have ever cracked the cover on. It is written in a story form, based on the activities of the title character Fred, a five year old mathematics professor. We follow Fred through each chapter through daily activities and see how math is woven into his day. For example, in the very first chapter Fred wakes up at 5am but needs to wait until 7am to go out jogging because it is still dark outside. Fred needs to wait 2 hours. We see practical application, something that is sorely missing in most math curricula. Rather than doing a hundred practice problems, your child is learning when, where, how and why to apply math principles in his own life. I think that this is an incredibly invaluable tool. I wish that I had learned math in this way as a child and am so glad that I get to reinforce my skills as I teach it to my children. It is fun and funny. It is clear and easy to teach and understand. There are books from kindergarten through high school and college mathematics including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and linear algebra. It is inexpensive {particularly the elementary years}. I don’t really know how you could go wrong. If you are looking for a new math curriculum, I recommend that you give Life of Fred a try!

Life of Fred "Apples"
Life of Fred “Apples”

Please Note: I did not receive any compensation for this review, either monetary or product. I purchased the curriculum on my own and review it now in an effort to help other homeschooling families make the best possible, most informed choices about their curriculum. 


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