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Overnight Oatmeal {In a Jar}


I looked at several recipes for ‘overnight’ or ‘refrigerator’ oatmeal. I tried a couple that didn’t work so well {including one with steel cut oats, see note below}.  This is what I settled on for a third attempt & it was a success! The boys can grab one when they wake up {usually at different times} & eat at their leisure. Hubby can grab one for a quick & easy breakfast on the go. They also make a nice snack.

Per Jar:
2/3 c slow or long cooking oats
2/3-1 c milk {cow’s, almond, coconut, whatever you like. I used pastured/grass-fed whole fat cow’s milk. I used 1 cup of milk in the jars pictured above.}
1 tbs of brown sugar or raw honey
a sprinkle of nuts {approx 2+ tbs}
a handful of blueberries {approx 1/4 c}
a dash of cinnamon {optional}

Put all ingredients into jar & shake to mix. Let sit in fridge at least overnight. Eat cold right out of the fridge, warm in a pan of hot water or throw them in the microwave for a minute or two.

For this recipe I used slow or long cooking oats, walnuts & blueberries but you could substitute fruits & nuts that are favorites in your family. These will last at least 5 days in the fridge {they didn’t last any longer than that because they were all gone!} & can be served cold right out of the fridge or warmed up {the boys ate them cold}. I will definitely make these again trying different milks, nuts & fruits. Enjoy!

{More on the steel cut oats… I wanted to try these for the healthier benefits, but they did not soften well & were rather chewy out of the fridge. We ended up adding a bit more milk & microwaving them for around 2 mins. They were okay, but I think I might try again with a recipe that calls for yogurt & see if that helps break them down a bit.}


2 thoughts on “Overnight Oatmeal {In a Jar}

  1. I love overnight oatmeal! I even posted about them just the other day! They are definitely my new favourite thing, and these look delicious 🙂

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