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10 Day Mason Jar Salads… Really!

I know we all look at all of the nifty ideas on Pinterest and ooh and ahh but never actually make any of them. Well, aside from my friend Anne at Owl In The Attic, but she has mad crafty skills beyond the average person & that’s another story. Most of us look, pin and never go any further, but when I saw these Mason Jar Salads popping up all over Facebook, blogs and Pinterest, I had to try them.

The thing that attracted me was having them in the fridge ready to go. More green stuff in the diet is a good thing and no daily prep is even better! Plus, they were supposed to last 5-7 days, that’s a week! I am constantly throwing away produce that has gone bad before a week has passed. Expensive, organic produce. I had to try this.

So… here’s the verdict: WIN! They were easy to put together (tips below), were still fresh at the 10 day mark and were so easy to grab and eat. If I worked outside the home, this would be my go-to lunch plan. I encourage you to try it! Have fun, a little of this, a little of that, a contest to see how long they last, whatever you can dream up, but try it! Don’t just read about it again or Pin it, try it! You’ll be glad you did!

Mason Jar Salad

How to layer your salad:
1. 2-3 tbs of dressing of your choice {I used vinaigrette but I have seen them with ranch}
2. a layer of “sturdy” veggies that can stand up to several days in the dressing {I used carrots, celery and grape tomatoes}
3. a layer of softer veggies {I used red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers and a seedless cucumber}
4. a layer of “drier” veggies {I used baby bella mushrooms and the white portion of scallions}
5. a layer of “add-ins” {I used nuts, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, etc}
6. a layer of greens PACKED to and coming out of the top of the jar {I used butter lettuce, arugula and baby spinach}
7. cover tightly and refrigerate, being careful not to tip and disperse the dressing.

This works because the greens stay dry and do not wilt. You can also add protein, like diced chicken or hard boiled eggs and I would probably add that between 4 and 5. I don’t recommend using sprouts {as I did in a few} because they were a little soft for my liking by day 5. You can use any veggies you like and any toppings like dried fruit or nuts and any dressing. I recommend organic, but all will work. BE SURE that the greens are DRY if you wash them. I recommend using the organic greens that come in a plastic clam-shell type container. I found bagged greens to be much wetter, although they worked fine, it was an extra step to dry them. You can eat these salads out of the jar but I found it to be easier to dump it into a bowl. I found the jars at Fleet Farm {a farm and feed type store} on sale for almost half off. They are not very expensive. a dozen cost me around $7 or $8. For KID/SIDE SALADS I used a pint jar. For LUNCH/DINNER SALADS I used a pint and a half jar.

Now you try it… Let me know what you put in your salad and how it worked!

{You can find more great recipes, ideas and tips at OonaCooks}


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