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My Happy Birthday!

I turned 42 late in May. My birthday is always a little bit of a let down for me, because I always want it to be some awesome day where I am appreciated for everything I do as a wife/mother/daughter/grandmother all year. I kind of build up a little bit of a fantasy about it… One that my family can never live up to.

My birthday fell just a week after a disappointing Mother’s Day. I was feeling a little bitter and self-righteous. After all I do for them! One day! They couldn’t honor me for one day?!? Then I remembered a phrase that my friend Mindy told me… Audience of ONE.

Am I doing everything I do all year so that my husband and children will arise and called me blessed, praise me and thank me? Or do I do it so that they will see my servant heart and be pointed toward my God. Am I doing it because I want accolades? Honors? Gifts on Mother’s Day and my birthday? If I am, I have it all wrong.

Every single thing I do… cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, grocery shopping, mopping up puppy pee, taking out trash, running errands, changing diapers, each and every way that I serve my family… I do it for an audience of ONE. It is because He did it for me. Gave His everything. Everything. Without complaint, without expecting a return. Just hoping maybe I would see it. Get it. Share it. Love.

In the mundane tasks of my everyday life, I am showing my family His love. I could not do what I do day after day without His provision, His direction, His strength. So when I am feeling let down, I should turn to Him for fulfillment. It is only in seeking Him that I will be refreshed and renewed. It is only through Him that I can pour out His love and serve others.

My birthday this year was wonderful! Far beyond my expectations. I received incredibly thoughtful gifts from my family & extended family. I got to spend lunch and the entire afternoon with my best friend sitting on the lanai of The Cheesecake Factory, a rare treat. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I returned home. When I finally realized what it was really about, it turned out to be delightful. Call it a coincidence if you like. I think it was more. God loves it when we get it. He delights in our growth. He might even go out of His way to tickle us pink sometimes.


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