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Rowing Ping… A recap!

Cover of "The Story about Ping (Reading R...
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Using our Five In A Row curriculum, over the course of two weeks, we “rowed” the book ‘The Story About Ping’ by Marjorie Flack. If you are not familiar with Ping, he is a duckling who lives on the Yangtze River in China & learns an important lesson about being obedient, even when there are consequences to be faced.


We began our week with social studies & geography, where we looked at where Ping was from & learned why some areas of the Yangtze River appear yellow (it’s the clay on the river bed!) before locating it on our world map. We talked about family relationships (Ping’s family includes his mother, his father, two sisters, three brothers, eleven aunts, seven uncles & forty-two cousins! whew!). We spent some time studying the culture & the language as well.


For language arts, we studied vocabulary, what classic literature & fiction are & how the author used repetition as a literary device. In math, we learned about tally sheets & tally marks while counting all of Ping’s relatives… There were 68 of them including Ping! For art, we used colored pencils to try our hands at layering colors like Kurt Wiese, the story’s illustrator.


We studied ducks in science. We learned how their feathers repel water. We also studied buoyancy & tested a few items from around the house. We took a field trip to a local Asian market, where we found all kinds of neat treats & some ingredients for our Chinese dinner.


At the end of the week, we put it all together in a paper bag book to add to our bookshelf & remember our “row”. A great way to review facts at the end of a semester! We had a great time rowing Ping & we all learned some new things, even mom & dad! We are enjoying FIAR & look forward to our next row…


Our Paper Bag Books...
Our Paper Bag Books…
Duck Science
Duck Science
Found on our field trip to the Asian market
Found on our field trip to the Asian market (We even found rice cakes just like the ones Ping ate!)
Studying buoyancy
Studying buoyancy
Dinner!  The whole family had fun with the chop sticks!
The whole family had fun with the chop sticks!

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